They forced me to leave. They carried me into a Pelican and flew off. That ODST was still down there. I needed to figure out how that armor was so strong that even my rockets weren't doing anything. I had a plan to escape the Marines, but the plan didn't include Marines having rocket launchers. I just decided to follow orders and see where things went from there. I still had the slightest feeling that this had something to do with the Director.

We arrived at a POW camp. I was a Prisoner of War. They walked me in, tied my foot to a poll, and gave me a pickaxe. They told me to go mine in the indoor mining area. I had no idea why their mining area would be indoors, but I didn't say anything. I kept on mining for three hours straight. It wasn't much, but it was over a hundred degrees in there, and my armor made me feel even hotter. During that time, I met a guy named Slash. He had been a prisoner for over three years and he had a big scar running down the side of his head. After the three hours, some guards told me to throw my pickaxe on the ground and follow them, and I did. We arrived at an empty glass tube. The guards told me to take my armor off. I asked them why, and they replied, "Just do it," so I refused. They kept ordering me for around five minutes until one guard left the room. The other guard continued to order me for about two minutes until the guard came back with a shotgun. He told me to take off my armor or he would shoot.

I forgot about a little something I had in my suit. They told me to drop my guns, but they never said anything about Grenades.