The ODST hadn't taken any damage from any of my weapons. I did the only thing I could. Stand there and do nothing, hoping some reinforcements would come or some Elite would jump off the cliff and stab the ODST. Something did happen. Reinforcements.

For the ODST.

Pelican's dropped off Warthogs and marines were coming out all pointing their Assault Rifles at me. They were quietly speaking to each other. I knew where they were from.

Outpost- 4598, "High Noon."

They kept my armor at High Noon. I had secretly escaped with my armor around a month or two ago.

They were back for me. They didn't want me back for the Freelancers. I heard them mention "Director." For some reason, I believe the Director turned me in. Probably had something to do with Tex.

Agent Texas....

All I could do was surrender to the Marines. I had a plan though. I wasn't just gonna let them take me.

Not without a bang.