I landed near the river. Elites. I could still see the Pelican and was ready to investigate, but these Elites weren't ready to let me.

The elites turned around quickly. Each was holding a different weapon.

Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Beam Rifle, Carbine, and of course, Energy Sword.

They all shot at me at the same time. I shot my rocket pod back at them and killed three of them. I was out of ammo.

I pulled out my Assault Rifle and the Energy Sword elite charged at me. I grabbed the sword with my hand, which hurt badly, but I pulled the sword away from him, grabbed it in the correct place, and stabbed him with it. I jumped over the carbine elite and stabbed him in the back with the Energy sword. I picked up the Carbine and shot at the Jackal Snipers. I watched them fall to the ground. I was headed for the Pelican.


The ODST asked me to leave the area. I had asked him why he was there, and he said his job was to protect the Pelican from "people like me." I asked him how he was still surviving, and sure enough, he had joined up with the Covenant. He saw everything I did there, with the stabbing and the Missiles, and the sniping. Everything. I pulled out my Energy sword again to try and prove to him that I am also joined up with the Covenant, but he knew that I was a Freelancer. Unfortunately for me, his weapon was a shotgun. He lifted up his shotgun and shot but I jumped over the bullet. I then stabbed him with the Energy sword, which did almost nothing. I pulled out my Assault rifle and shot at him from behind. He ran up to me and hit me with his shotgun, pushing me over. I pulled out my Sword again and stabbed the ground for support. I shot him with my assault rifle some more and he wasn't getting hurt at all.