I was given a mission from the Director to investigate what had happened at Valhalla.

I figure the Director knows what or has something to do with what happened at Valhalla, but I think this is a test mission that other rookie Freelancer's probably had to go through at one point.

When I arrived, I expected Reds and Blues to be battling for their Useless reasons, for they are only simulations for us.

The Covenant was there.

I could see it all, Jackals in the trees, just waiting for a kill. Elites roaming the river area, Grunts inside the bases, looking for something to snack on, and the Brutes. The Brutes were scouting around the whole area. They were the hardest to sneak by. I was wondering why the Director would give out such a mission.

Then I realized. He probably thought that there would only be Reds and Blues like I did.

I was at the red base. I could see the pelican from the platform. Of course, I killed a few grunts to get up there, but it was no biggy.

Then the brutes came.

Two Brutes, both Majors, one with a turret and the other with a gravity hammer.

I only had an Assault Rifle and a Magnum. Luckily, there was a missile pod on the platform, but it was behind the brutes.

I had to get behind them.

The brutes charged towards me and tried to kill me with their Covenant weapons. I was able to swiftly dodge them. I got in between them and picked up the missile pod. I shot them with the missile pod and it ended up hurting me a little as well.

I carried the missile pod and got on the gravity lift.