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Battle Creek

Battle Creek - Red vs Blue==

Battle Creek is home to some of the dimmest Simulation soldiers ever. And one Freelancer. Agent Alabama's home was once a calm place, a Creek filled with silence, just the way Alabama liked it. Until 15 years ago, when the UNSC decided to build two bases there. One Red, one Blue. Alabama was furious, only 1 year ago, he had escaped Freelancer command with his AI, Rho. 4 Reds, 3 Blue and a medic moved in to the bases, and Battle Creek wasn't silent again . . . Until 5 years later.

The Flood attack.

Wildlife grew in the 10 years.


10 years and 3 weeks ago, the UNSC quarentined off Battle Creek, putting the Reds and Blues in cryo-statis. Alabama however, as he was reported to be dead, wasn't. The Flood only attacked Battle Creek once, and Alabama killed them to survive. The Reds and the Blues stayed in cryo-statis, while Alabama, under the control of Rho, the Alpha's greed, stole their money and broke their equipment.

Out of cryo-statis.Edit

3 weeks ago, the cryo-statis started wearing off, and, slowly, the Reds and Blues stated to awaken. First was Pvt. Harriet Hanes, then Pvt. Catherine Blake. After those two was Do. Lucus Bane and Pvt. John Yeoman. The most current Simulation Soldier to awaken was Pvt. Destiny Jones. Still to wake up are Sgt. Joe Bugle, and Sgt. Bruce Hanes.


Agent Virginia recently joined Battle Creek, and old 'friend' of Alabama's.