Project FreelancerEdit

Agent Alabama

Agent Alabama in his full Hayabusa armor, complete with Katana.

Alabama joined Project Freelancer aged 18. He was extremily sly and could crawl into any sized gap. Dr. Leonard Church selected him from his battalion, not because he was the best, everyone knows he wasn't, but because he showed the skills needed to get a job done. When the talk started up about AIs, Alabama did everything he could to get on the board, but fighing Texas and Carolina was a bad idea, and never worked. He knew he was never going to get an AI, until he did. He was 19th on the board, yet he was still chosen for an AI. He guessed it was because he was young, and had potential. He got Rho, the Alpha's greed, and, unlike other agents, learnt to control his AI quickly. He was only in Project Freelancer for a year before agents started running. AIs were being deleted, and agents were risking their life to get their AIs out.